Pygmy Marmoset Gets a Toothbrush Massage

There are so many different types of animals in the world, it is impossible to know them all. Even somebody who studies animals on a regular basis and may consider it there field of expertise is going to continue to learn more about them as they study them. Although there are many animals that we might consider, one that often gets overlooked is the pygmy marmoset. As you are about to see, they are quite adorable and this particular one is enjoying something special.

Most of us have only seen a pygmy marmoset in captivity or perhaps we may have seen them online. They are difficult to see in the wild, because they are native to the rain forest in the Western Amazon in South America. They are the smallest monkey, and that particular honor makes them also one of the cutest monkeys out there as well.

Pygmy marmosets may not be seen on a regular basis, but perhaps we should see them more often. After all, this little guy is so cute that it is difficult to watch the video and not allow him to steal your heart. Who wouldn’t love a video of a pygmy marmoset getting a massage from a toothbrush?

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