A Horse Wants A Man To Scratch Her Butt And She Won’t Let Him Alone Until He Does It

Although there certainly are a lot of amazing animals in the world, perhaps one that is going to catch our eye more than others are horses. They are absolutely majestic and from the time they are very young, they have the ability to amaze us, regardless of whether they are galloping across an open field or simply standing in front of us.

Like any animal, horses may have a desire from time to time and they may not have the ability to curtail that desire. That was obviously the case for this little horse, who had it so bad that she wanted nothing more than to have it scratched. The problem is, it was on her rear end and she just wouldn’t leave her human alone until he scratched it.

I’ll be the first one to admit that it can be difficult when you have an itch and you can’t quite reach it. It often happens to humans what is in the middle of their back. Obviously, horses can also have the same problem but it looks like this little horse found a temporary solution.

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