A Polar Bear Sits With A Dog And Gently Pets Him

Most of us will never have the opportunity to see a polar bear in the wild. Although we may see them at the zoo, their natural habitat is just out of the reach of most people. Of course, we should be happy we don’t have a run in with these bears, because they can be rather vicious. They are the top of the food chain in their habitat and they aren’t afraid of anything.

If your impression of polar bears is that they are always angry, you are about to have your mind changed. Once you see this video, you will realize that polar bears are not only capable of being kind, they can even show it in the most amazing way. In fact, the tour guide who saw this taking place in real life was shocked as well.

The bear walked up to a dog and what he did next was nothing short of awesome. He actually began petting the dog as if they were long lost friends. It’s a sight to see and something that can really teach us a lesson; you can’t judge a book by its cover.

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