A Tiger And A Puppy Become Best Of Friends

Many of us may experience the friendships that animals can form with each other, even though they may be different species. Perhaps we have a dog and a cat in our home and, even though we may be concerned at first, they soon learn to be best of friends. As it turns out, dogs and cats can not only get along in a domesticated sense, they can even get along when the cat is a little bigger.

Tyber lives in a wildlife preserve and he is a dog that has a lot of personality (and energy). They were looking for a friend that could hang out with Tyber but the other animals didn’t seem to be a good match. The zebra, bears and large cats didn’t work out but then a new arrival showed up at the preserve. It was a baby Bengal tiger and it turns out that these two animals got along beautifully.

It is wonderful to watch these animals running and playing together. It also teaches us a lesson that we can all learn in life. If a dog and a tiger can get along together, certainly we can put aside our differences as humans as well.

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