As a Dog Approached, the Deer Dances Around the Dog

Have you ever heard the old expression “Curiosity killed the cat?” Many of us who own cats are not only familiar with the expression, we understand the reality of just how curious a cat can be. As you are about to see, it is not only cats who have that natural curiosity, there are also other animals in the world who share it as well.

A dog was in the middle of the stream, enjoying the water and appearing as if he was looking for something. It was then that a deer happened to wander by, and, while you might expect some trouble, the dog actually did not pay the deer much mind. The deer, on the other hand, was so curious that she came over to take a look at the dog and even began dancing around him. It looks as if she wants to play, and we only hope that he eventually gets the message.

When we come across people in the world, we often size them up immediately and make a decision as to whether we want to be friends or not. I would say that this adorable deer did not hesitate to try and make this friendship work.

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