Stunningly Large and Majestic Herd of Elk Cross the Road

As we are driving along, we never really know what is going to come our way. For many of us, we don’t venture very far outside of the city and the extent of a driving surprise for us may be somebody running a red light or perhaps a person we see on the side of the road. That isn’t the case for everyone, however, and you might be surprised with what some people see as they are on their way from one point to another.

When this car was driving in the country, they had to stop because there was something in the road in front of them. In fact, it was a herd of elk and as they jumped the fence one after another, it was absolutely amazing to see them in action. As the camera pans from one side of the road to the other side, you might be surprised with exactly how large the herd is.

Some people might find this frustrating, because it stops them in the middle of a busy day but others are going to take it for what it is truly worth. This is a little piece of nature that doesn’t appear very often, but it is one that is well worth watching.

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