Bucks Tangled Up in A Mess of Antlers and Clothesline Get Help

There are certain things that occur in nature that may seem somewhat cruel, but it is really just a way for those animals to survive. Much of the more unusual antics of animals involve around the mating process, and that can be seen with these white tailed deer that have gotten themselves in a rather precarious situation. Whitetail deer will lock horns with each other to fight over a doe, and sometimes, their antlers get them into problems.

For the most part, the difficulty occurs when they have large antlers and they become entangled to the point where they are unable to separate. It is unfortunate when this occurs, because there are many times that the deer will actually starve because they are unable to get apart. In this particular video, the deer were locked up for a different reason, and it is because they both became entangled in the same clothes line.

Most certainly, these animals would have had a very difficult time in life if it weren’t for a game warden that was there to assist them. At a considerable risk to his own safety, he approached the deer and cut the cord so that they were able to run free.

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