Panda Cub Can’t Get Enough Of Her First Snow Day

Although there certainly are a lot of cute animals in the world, one that many of us would agree is adorable is a giant panda. That is especially true when it is a panda cub, and it seems as if it doesn’t really matter what they are doing, they are going to amaze us while they are doing it. This video is no exception, and it is difficult to watch what this panda is doing and not fall in love with it.

Most of us think about pandas as living in a tropical paradise, and that certainly is the case for the most part. There are also many giant pandas in captivity at various zoos around the world, including at the national zoo in Washington DC. For them, they get to enjoy more than their native habitat and for this little panda cub, the first snowfall is magical.

When was the last time you took the opportunity to play in the snow? Many of us have that opportunity pass our way on a regular basis but when you truly take advantage of it, it causes you to love life. Take a lesson from this little adorable panda, and get out there and play.

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