Goose With A Shattered Wing Gets Released After A Miracle

Animals exist in the world around us and, for the most part, we don’t interact with those that are in the wild. From time to time, however, a wild animal gets to the point where they need some human assistance and when they give it, miracles can really happen. Admittedly, it doesn’t always work out this way but you will see something in this video that is certain to warm your heart and make you love animals even more.

The bones in the right wing of this Canadian goose had been shattered in a number of different places. It was so bad that surgery was not even possible. Fortunately, the people from the Wildlife Aid Foundation were able to capture the goose and put a bandage on him. They hoped that a callous would eventually form and the wing would be mended. They doubted if he would ever be able to fly again.

Some people are natural born fighters, and it appears as if this Canadian goose is one of them. After a few weeks of healing, he was able to be released onto a lovely lake, and it looks like he is absolutely thrilled to be there.

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