Clydesdale Snowball Fight

It is difficult to look at a horse and not be completely overtaken by their beauty and majesty. There are many different types of horses, each of which has its own distinct personality, as well as physical traits that would make them a part of their breed. One of the breeds of horses that many of us are familiar with is the Clydesdale. They are named after their origin point of Clydesdale, Scotland and most of us are familiar with them thanks to the Budweiser commercials.

If you have ever seen Clydesdale horse in person, you realize exactly how large they can be. Even though that is the case, however, they can be a very gentle animal and the beauty of them from the head to their tail is quite magnificent to observe. As you are about to see in this Budweiser commercial, they also play another role and in this case, it has to do with a snowball fight.

Of course, we realize that Clydesdales cannot actually have a snowball fight, but it is fun to put animals into human situations. This ad, as well as all of the other Clydesdale ads, has done quite well for Budweiser and we look forward to seeing them every year.

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