This Fennec Fox Is So Excited For His New Home

When it comes to cute animals, we may look at a wide variety of different directions to see the type of animals that we appreciate. At some point or another, however, we are going to find a common animal that most of us would consider to be adorable. Some of them are better known, such as baby pandas or sea otters but there are also some relatively unknown animals as well, such as the fennec fox.

A fennec fox, sometimes simply referred to as a fennec, is a nocturnal fox that is typically found in the Sahara of North Africa. It is similar to other foxes, but one of the features that make it quite irresistible is the large ears that they have. These are not only cute, they also serve a purpose and that is to dissipate heat in the Sahara environment. As you are about to see, they can make great pets, although they tend to be fairly active.

When you look at the fennec fox in this video, it’s difficult not to think about the excitement that seems to be following him everywhere. This is likely to be your experience if you were to have one in your home, and you can even expect it to happen in the middle of the night.

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