Baby Girl Meets Sloth When She’s Only Two Days Old

Many of us have a soft spot for animals and it tends to carry over in a variety of ways in our lives. For some of us, that soft spot is seen when it comes to our pets, regardless of whether they are dogs, cats or something more unusual. As you are about to see, however, that friendship can also extend to animals that are wild but when a bonding occurs, it can be quite strong.

The friendship that is shown in this video involves a little baby and Daisy, a sloth. The two of these individuals may seem like a rather unlikely pair, but they are inseparable when it comes to spending time with each other. It doesn’t matter if they are taking naps together, wearing some matching outfits or playing, there is nothing that they would rather do than be by each other’s side. In fact, it is quite amazing to watch.

Most of us appreciate the friendships that we have and we couldn’t imagine life without our friends by our side. It looks as if these two have started out on a friendship together that will make a difference in both of their lives now and as they grow older.

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